As one who attended the recent "Second Thoughts" conference of former 1960s leftists, I was deeply dismayed and angered by Post reporter Sidney Blumenthal's coverage of the event {Style, Oct. 19}. Besides Mr. Blumenthal's unnecessary ad hominem attacks on conference sponsor David Horowitz, the article simply failed to convey an accurate sense of the two-day meeting.

Contrary to what the article reported, the conference was far from a well-choreographed purge trial. In fact, the participants represented a wide range of views -- including Democratic Party activists, an organizer of the poor in Costa Rica, union organizers and conservative Republicans. What we all share in common is that we were wrong in the '60s in our belief that U.S. withdrawal from Southeast Asia would bring peace and freedom to that part of the world. As one of the sponsors of the conference has noted, the Communist peace has brought much more misery to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia than did the anti-Communist war.

During the conference, I kept thinking that my former comrades on the left would never allow such diversity in their get-togethers. Perhaps Mr. Blumenthal will reflect on this and have some seconds thoughts on his reporting of this exciting and unique conference. MARSHALL WITTMANN Silver Spring