This is one for The Post's ''I'm sick and tired of . . .'' department {letters, Oct. 24}. I'm fed up with drivers who nearly cause accidents because they're talking on the phone. Far too often my wife and I have noticed drivers drifting out of their lanes or slowing to a crawl in the course of a simple turn, only to see that those drivers are using their cellular phones, and paying more attention to their dialing or their conversations than to their driving. It's gotten even worse than the drivers-lighting-cigarettes syndrome.

Morning and evening commutes are prime time for drivaphonitis. Many a time, a car in the passing lane gradually decreases in speed until it is tying up the whole road. Downtown traffic has a plethora of telephone talk, with intersections routinely cluttered by conversing drivers.

I saw a driver trying to navigate around a corner at a busy intersection. His right hand was clutching his telephone, his left hand was gesturing emphatically to his unseen listener, his car had slowed to a crawl, and no one knew just where he was headed.

I'm not a Luddite, and I think having a phone in your car is a great idea. But I'm convinced that, one of these days, there is going to be a serious accident because some phone addict behind the wheel dials out the real world. Then we'll hear cries for mandatory hands-free headpieces or some other kind of regulation. Meanwhile, it would be the height of irony if two telephoning drivers ever abruptly encountered each other at, say, 20 mph.