From remarks before the House by Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) on Oct. 27: A new report, just issued by the Physician Task Force on Hunger in America, finds that 20 million Americans go hungry every day despite 58 months of economic expansion. Especially hard hit are infants, the elderly and blue-collar workers whose jobs have been lost.

The report focuses on hard-hit regions like Louisiana and Texas, where the oil boom has burst; Minnesota and Iowa, which are reeling under the family farm crisis, which also is not over; Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, where the lunch bucket has been replaced by the rust bucket.

These conclusions should come as no surprise to those who seriously study budget policy.

Just this year, President Reagan's budget proposed a massive rescission in the temporary emergency food program; advocated underfunding the Women, Infants and Children Feeding Program by 50,000 people; endorsed a cut of up to 40,000 from the Commodity Supplemental Food Program which serves children, the elderly and mothers; and demanded over a billion-dollar reduction in food stamp and child nutrition programs.

We don't need Herbert Hoover, and we don't need "Poor Richard." We need leadership from the president and from the Congress to attack the real issues underlying our fiscal misfortune.

And while we spend so much time worrying about the Dow Jones, let's not forget Mr. and Mrs. Jones -- tens of millions of working class and poor Americans who have endured Mr. Reagan's voodoo economics for the past seven years while the stock market soared.