I would like to respond to "State Dept. Early-Outs Are Approved" {news story, Oct. 22}. As the daughter of a dedicated Foreign Service officer, I have lived nearly all of my life abroad (with my five brothers and sisters) and traveled extensively. Among the numerous posts in which my father has served, three were hardship posts.

We are now based in the District -- for what we thought would be two, possibly three, years. But I was recently informed of the cutbacks the State Department is making because it overrode its budget by $84 million. I was appalled to learn that the cutbacks would include early retirement for senior Foreign Service officers. These officers who have dedicated their lives to strengthening foreign relations for the goodness and stability of our country, these men and women who are experts in their fields, are being removed because the department feels that is the only way it can balance its bank account?

I am proud to say that my father has served more than 25 years in the Foreign Service. He is an expert in human rights and foreign affairs, and he will be leaving the service in September 1988 because of the cutbacks. Even though I am appalled by the irrationality of the measures being taken and the insignificance given to them (with a single column dedicated to the above story), I'm glad he's leaving -- because if the State Department doesn't recognize my father as the excellent and definitely beneficial officer that he is, then it doesn't deserve to have him.

I had thought about a Foreign Service career, but now, having seen the department do something so obviously self-destructive, I have lost all desire to be employed by an agency so lacking in good judgment. PAULINE FLOOD Rockville