MAYOR BARRY'S stipend-happy taxi commissioners have taken everybody for a ride. They've compiled a huge list of undone things at a series of unproductive meetings -- meetings for which each member is picking up $150. Yesterday's session was so ridiculously unproductive, in fact, that yet another meeting of a subgroup is set for today. With the tab for these sessions now well past $30,000 in payments to the members, you are looking at a mess overseeing a mess. Mr. Barry should put an end to it.

To his credit, commission chairman Arrington Dixon has tried to gavel some sense into those members who go into freeze-frame whenever a decision is called for. Last week, he angrily suspended the commission's rates and rules panel after concluding that the members weren't getting anywhere. Yesterday he tried the whole commission on the issue -- the need for a rate increase -- but members insisted on wallowing in procedural objections and finally decided to return the matter to the rates panel.

Washington's cabbies, passengers and taxpayers are all being gouged. The commission was supposed to be an answer to a terrible situation. It has merely compounded it, and provided a good deal for its members. If Mayor Barry cares at all, he should step in and toss out every mischievous member of this group and give Mr. Dixon some people with the determination to get the job done.