The column on the John Fedders matter by Judy Mann {Metro, Oct. 21} is another typical example of "writing from the hip." That Mrs. Mann and others vent their rage on Master John McInerney only serves to demonstrate their lack of understanding of the applicable law.

If Mrs. Mann had bothered to consult with the family-law article of the Annotated Code of Maryland to determine the definition of marital property, she would have found that it means "the property, however titled, acquired by one or both parties during the marriage." Very simply stated, a marriage exists until there is a divorce, and therefore regardless of whether the parties are living together or apart and of how long they have been apart, the property is deemed marital property. And it is therefore subject to the jurisdiction of the court that has the power to grant the monetary award.

The Court of Special Appeals of Maryland, as well as the Court of Appeals of Maryland, has passed in various instances on the meaning and application of marital property. Mr. McInerney thus had no choice but to follow the law as it exists in Maryland and not "the spirit of laws" to which Mrs. Mann makes reference. JOHN F. BURKE Chevy Chase