Judy Mann's column about child support payments {Metro, Oct. 28} is nothing but another salvo in the war between the sexes. Mrs. Mann states that children are entitled to greater support payments when the noncustodial parent (i.e., the father) increases his income. Further, she asserts that the custodial parent (i.e., the mother) has a right to enjoy the fruits of her ex-husband's labor, through benefiting herself from the child support payments. This is not child support; it is extended alimony.

When the father lives in a different location from his children, he usually foots the transportation bill to be able to see them and maintain the relationship. Such payments, of course, come on top of the support payments.

In most cases, fathers are willing to share their good fortune with their children, as Mrs. Mann admits. The problem is that ex-wives are more than willing to appropriate part of the child support payments to spend on themselves, a situation that many ex-husbands find galling.

The solution to this problem is to award child custody to the parent who is the more capable of support. Of course, this would mean dispensing with long-cherished falsehoods -- such as the notion that the mother is the better parent by virtue of being a woman. I believe most fathers wouldn't even demand child support payments from their ex-wives, being all too happy finally to see them out of their lives.

HARRY D. FISHER Falls Church