Kenichi Ohmae's article {"After the Crash: Patching Up a World of Trouble," Outlook, Nov. 1} was disoriented and disingenuous. Evidently, everyone involved in the U.S.-Japan economic relationship is misguided, including the Japanese people, Japanese government, U.S. media, U.S. people and, especially, the U.S. government (not to mention Paul Volcker and Jim Baker). But not Mr. Ohmae. He is not misguided.

Example: "It is the United States that has unfortunately screwed up the world financial systems." How does one dignify this with a reply? One does not.

Or how about this? The United States "can't expect to continue to exercise sole leadership." Where has Mr. Ohmae been? For more than a decade, America has been urging Japan to assume greater global economic leadership. In fact, it has been Japan's reluctance to do so that has contributed to the very difficulties Mr. Ohmae so bitterly complains about.

Clearly, the hopes and fears of learned Japanese and Americans must be expressed in our mutual search for solutions to the many problems that face our two nations. However, if Mr. Ohmae's article is any indication, there is no place in that search for him.

ROGER FRANK SWANSON Executive Director, U.S.-Japan Business Council Washington