From remarks by Rep. Bill Green (R-N.Y.) in the House on Nov. 5:

This week we all share in the joy of Keith Braun on the arrival of his wife Svetlana from the Soviet Union. In celebrating their long-awaited reunification, we should take this opportunity to dedicate ourselves to a greater effort in behalf of those Americans still waiting for Soviet officials to permit their spouses and fiance's to jointhem.

In the case of my constituent Antonette Bohonovsky, Soviet officials have succeeded in blocking her marriage to Evgeniye Grigorishin, despite granting them permission to marry on two occasions.

After refusing to issue a visa to her to enter the U.S.S.R. for the first wedding date, arresting her fiance' en route to the marriage ceremony once she finally arrived and committing her to a hospital for several days against her will, Soviet authorities put Ms. Bohonovsky on a plane out of the Soviet Union and convicted her fiance' of stealing.

She has not seen Mr. Grigorishin since May 1986. He is serving a 5-year sentence.

I believe Mr. Grigorishin was taken into custody, charged and sentenced only because he intended to marry an American. The actions taken by Soviet authorities to block this marriage are in blatant violation of the Helsinki accords.

As administration officials pre-pare for the upcoming summit, I urge that they remember the plight of Antonette Bohonovsky and her Soviet fiance'.