From a "Dear Colleague" letter released recently by Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.):

I have introduced H.R. 3351, the Foreign Aid Impact Assessment Act of 1987. It requires a detailed report every three years on the extent to which U.S. interests are served by our economic assistance programs and the impact these programs have had on recipient countries. For each country receiving economic assistance, the report would detail the quantity and nature of U.S. assistance provided, the level of assistance provided by other donors and the extent of the recipient country's commitment to its own development during the three-year period under review. This analysis would emphasize trend lines -- both favorable and unfavorable -- and would examine appropriate statistical data, as well as other relevant analysis.

Furthermore, it would list the most and least successful assistance programs with an explanation of the reasons for the success and failure of the programs. Last, the report would be required to be a separate document and consequently could not be buried in other larger documents.

We have a responsibility to the taxpayers to ensure that their foreign aid dollars achieve the results that are intended. The report required by H.R. 3351 will provide Congress with the kind of detailed information necessary to make informed judgments about whether or not foreign aid programs protect U.S. interests and are sufficiently effective. The report mandated by this bill would allow us to measure the impact of our aid in achieving both of these goals. It will enable Congress to better tailor U.S. programs to achieve maximum impact.