The headline to Gwen Ifill's story {front page, Nov. 5}, which stated that I am changing my tune on the rock lyrics issue, was completely misleading. Her story, based on accounts of a meeting held with entertainment industry executives, gave a better sense of the meeting, but still conveyed the false impression that I have backed down from this issue.

As I stated on page 32 of my book "Raising PG Kids in an X-Rated Society," I have always regretted the mistaken assumption that arose from the 1985 Senate hearings on rock lyrics. Many people came away from those hearings with the misperception that those concerned with this issue supported legislation or censorship. We do not. We support our current voluntary agreement with the recording industry that entails self-regulation, not government restrictions.

The meeting in Los Angeles, requested by members of the entertainment industry, was held to clear up their misperceptions concerning my stance.

My concern for this issue, beginning in 1977 when I formed a group of congressional wives to address televised violence, cannot be bartered or sold simply because some may find it an unappealing issue. In fact, this past weekend, I spoke extensively on this topic before the Southern Legislative Conference on Children and Youth, and I will continue to speak out about material marketed to children that glamorizes explicit themes of violence and brutality. TIPPER GORE Founder and Second Vice President Parents' Music Resource Center Arlington