Occasionally, while reading editorials in The Post, I wonder if some of the items are printed purely to elicit a response from the lunatic fringe. It is frightening to consider that thinking, rational people really embrace some of the positions taken there. Having identified that possibility, I perhaps try to distance myself, however slightly, from that fringe.

The subject of my latest curiosity is the editorial "Metro's Misguided Parking Policy" {Nov. 11}. It is incredible that The Post can condone, and even support, the use of Metro commuter parking lots as far satellite parking for National Airport. Sure, parking is lousy at National. It's lousy at every major air terminal in the country. But there are alternatives to tying up critical commuter spaces for days at a time while travelers out of town park for a week for $1.50, or maybe free if their return flight arrives soon enough.

Airport travelers can take a cab to National, to a Metro station or even to New York. It is irresponsible to suggest that Metro and county officials are sending away would-be users of rapid transit. They are trying to make these lots available to the real market for rapid transit: daily users, not freeloaders on their way out of town.