I thank The Post for printing "The Rake of Progress" {Close to Home, Nov. 15}, an excellent piece about the perversion of progress that has allowed extremely noisy leaf blowers and sweepers to ruin the beauty of autumn days.

In Arlington and many other communities, the problem is not confined to autumn, however. Apartment complexes are relying on these machines to police the grounds daily in all seasons. Arlington, like most communities, has a noise control ordinance. Although the blowers and sweepers exceed permissible noise levels by about 50 percent, they are exempt from the ordinance on the assumption that they will not be used often enough to warrant enforcement. Clearly, that assumption is out of date, and the county, to serve its citizens, must put restrictions on the use of these annoying and dangerous machines.

Over the years The Post has run numerous articles on the damage loud noise does to physical and psychological health. Its editorial support for making community noise ordinances adequate to reality is now in order.

It is a tremendous irony that we are so technologically advanced that we can document the damage caused by the noise of our technological innovations. Have we progressed to the point where we will shoot ourselves in the foot with a laser gun? STEVEN STOSNY Arlington