The Post printed a letter Nov. 13 from James Clements, who suggested that the District begin ''levying fines for sidewalks strewn with bottles, cans, fast-food containers and cigarette butts.'' Well, Mr. Clements, we are one step ahead of you.

The Department of Public Works will soon implement D.C. Law 6-100, the ''Litter Control Administration Act.'' This new law decriminalizes many of the city's public space and sanitation regulations, allowing for civilian enforcement (i.e., tickets) and administrative adjudication similar to the very effective parking enforcement program in place since 1979. Moreover, an amendment to this law was recently passed by the D.C. Council. It decriminalizes additional provisions, including the regulation requiring all property owners to clean the sidewalks adjacent to their property. It further requires commercial property owners to clean an additional 18 inches beyond the curb line.

Mayor Barry kicked off the new enforcement program Nov. 5. The Department of Public Works will spend from now until January conducting a special education campaign, during which we will issue warning notices, along with informational brochures, to violators to let them know what they're doing wrong and how to avoid a ticket in the future. We are also spreading the word at Advisory Neighborhood Commission and civic association meetings.

We have adopted as our slogan, ''A Clean City: It's Everyone's Job!'' We hope that with the implementation of this new program, we can all help make a visible difference in the cleanliness of our city. JOHN E. TOUCHSTONE D.C. Director of Public Works Washington