Assistant Attorney General Brad Reynolds never fails to amaze me, particularly in his sense of timing (or lack thereof). Complaining about "character assassination" by columnists David Broder {op-ed, Nov. 10} and James Kilpatrick {op-ed, Nov. 11} in their independent calls for the resignation of Attorney General Edwin Meese and the misguided nomination of Judge Douglas Ginsburg, Mr. Reynolds {letters, Nov. 15} proceeds to engage in character puffery. Describing Mr. Ginsburg as "brilliant," as "highly respected" and as a recipient of two prior unanimous Senate confirmations, Mr. Reynolds blithely writes off the marijuana caper as "as an occasional puff on a marijuana joint." After all, it was "an acknowledged mistake for which he expressed regret and remorse." I intend to use "regret and remorse" as a defense against conviction on a recent summons for a parking violation, but I'm not betting on winning.

As to Mr. Reynolds' timing, in his zealous puffery of Mr. Ginsburg's character he appears to be blind to his own department's current investigation of alleged conflict of interest by Mr. Ginsburg when he was an assistant attorney general in the Antitrust Division. This investigation could result in the appointment of an independent counsel to pursue the allegation. As to the accolades conferred upon Mr. Meese, Mr. Reynolds again is blind to the current investigation of Mr. Meese with regard to the Wedtech scandal. That investigation could result in his indictment and prosecution.

Unquestionably, Brad Reynolds is a good soldier. It would not surprise me if Ed Meese put his arm around his assistant in a gesture of support, just as President Reagan did last week to show his support of the attorney general. But I'm afraid Mr. Reynold's expletive -- "Baloney!" -- was misdirected. PAUL FOX Great Falls