"The Enniskillen Bomb" {editorial, Nov. 10} stated that the Anglo-Irish agreement at Hillsborough is working and that the Irish Republican Army does not want a peaceful solution to the conflict in Northern Ireland. It is obvious that The Post has fallen prey to the British propaganda machine that has effectively kept Americans in the dark about Northern Ireland.

The agreement stated that reforms would be made in the judicial system and the security forces as well as in the area of discrimination against Catholics. Irish Republicans do not trust the British government in carrying out its part of the agreement. It refuses to reform the judicial system, in which citizens have the privilege of trial without jury. And there is still widespread discrimination against Catholics, especially in employment. Furthermore, Amnesty International has cited Britain for numerous civil rights violations in Northern Ireland.

Unionist extremists do not support the agreement either for the obvious reason that they wish to retain the status quo. They view the agreement as an act of betrayal on Britain's part toward its loyal province. Any role the Republic of Ireland might have in Northern Ireland is strongly resented by Unionists, who see an Irish dimension only expanding in the coming years.

The Hillsborough agreement was signed without the participation of Unionists or Irish Republicans. The British government refuses to negotiate with these so-called criminals, who are convicted in special courts outside the mainstream judicial system. Without the participation of these major players in finding a solution to the conflict, the agreement will never work.

The contention that the IRA does not want a peaceful end to the conflict is absurd. If the British government were to withdraw its occupational army from Northern Ireland tomorrow and a just law enforcement were created, then the IRA would stop its armed struggle against the British government and concentrate on a political solution. It was the appearance of the British Army and its discriminating attacks on northern Catholics in the early 1970s that caused the resurfacing of the IRA. A withdrawal of British troops would be the first step to ending the violence in the province.