I am responding to the op-ed article by John Ahearne {"The Weinberger Legacy: A Loss of Civilian Control," Nov. 19}. John Ahearne is a friend, and when we worked together in OSD Systems Analysis in the late 1960s and in the early 1970s, he was a good analyst. But in this instance, he is wrong and out-of-date.

I have worked with Cap Weinberger for the past seven years. I also worked in Systems Analysis and its successor, Program Analysis and Evaluation, under secretaries McNamara, Clifford, Laird, Schlesinger and Rumsfeld. John's assertion that civilian control has been lost under Mr. Weinberger is simply not true. In fact, Cap has centralized civilian policy control and broadened civilian participatory management while appropriately decentralizing program execution. He has correctly brought into the management process the views of the military leaders who must carry out the national security policies of our country.

Why didn't John ask those who are currently working in the Pentagon, such as myself or the current director of PA&E, David Chu, how the process really works and what Cap's legacy will really be. I could have told him that Cap Weinberger's legacy will be one of rebuilding the military strength, readiness and morale of this country, which were so badly damaged by the Vietnam experience. Better yet, why didn't he ask the young men and women serving our country around the world what they think of Cap Weinberger? If he had done so, I am sure he would have reached a conclusion entirely different from the one in his article. E. C. ALDRIDGE JR. Secretary of the Air Force Washington