George Will misses the point, as he usually does when writing about achieving women, when he says that because only around 100 women a year are being excluded from important New York clubs, the rest of us should have no interest in the issue {"Let the Clubs Be Private," op-ed, Nov. 29}. The fact that a woman such as Ada Louise Huxtable is deemed unworthy of these clubs just because of her gender is degrading to all women, just as the fact that Ralph Bunche was excluded from the West Side Tennis Club was degrading to all blacks. The message we get is: no matter how well you do, you'll never be good enough.

I believe that people should be able to associate with whomever they please. However, I think that fair, ethical men should resign from clubs that discriminate against qualified women, just as Robert Kennedy resigned from the Metropolitan Club to protest its then all-white policy. The fact that our highest government officials belong to such organizations as the Alfalfa Club is a disgrace.

Most women achievers are in predominately male fields, and we have been bucking the "Men Only" policy all our lives. Only fair and sympathetic men can make our daughters' lives better.

HELEN K. HOLT Bethesda