Regarding Paul Duggan's article "Drunk Driver Gets 1 Year for Killing Bicyclist in MD" {Nov. 17}, I am concerned that readers were given the wrong impression. The article states that the county prosecutors opted for plea bargaining because of a "less-than-airtight" case.

The prosecutor in the case is quoted as saying "showing only that Henry was marginally intoxicated may not have been enough to meet that standard" (manslaughter by automobile). The defendant's blood alcohol concentration was well above the legal limit established by law, which is still higher than the national standard.

Further on, the prosecutor was quoted as saying that she agreed to a plea bargain to "avoid the uncertainty of a trial."

We in the Montgomery County Police Department don't take issue with the concept of plea bargaining; we understand that it is a useful tool to cope with an overburdened judicial system, but we resent the press' insinuating that the police did not do their job properly. The investigators in this particular case did an outstanding job. This was a despicable case and a poor example for our community. The victim's family has a right to be angry.

SGT. HARRY GEEHRENG Director, Office of Media Services Department of Police Rockville