"The Absent Players in Northern Ireland" {letters, Nov. 25} criticizes The Post's good Nov. 10 editorial, "The Enniskillen Bomb," by distorting history and misstating facts regarding the adoption of the Anglo-Irish agreement and its current status.

The fact is that this agreement, which was two years old last month and is enjoying increasing acceptance and support among moderates in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, has already produced meaningful progress in the struggle by all who are committed to a nonviolent solution to Northern Ireland's problems -- economic, political and social. Furthermore, the assertion that the Irish Republican Army wants a peaceful solution to the problems in Northern Ireland is absurd and is contradicted not only by the IRA's own pronouncements but by its actions, the most recent and heinous of which was the murder of innocent men, women and children in Enniskillen Nov. 8.

It is true that Unionist extremists continue to oppose the Anglo-Irish agreement and wish to maintain the status quo in Northern Ireland. This is graphic evidence of the fact that the agreement is working by changing the status quo through legal means. It is also true that the agreement was signed without the participation of the Unionists, but this is because they chose not to be parties to the negotiations and agreement. It is also true that the IRA, through its political arm, Sinn Fein, did not participate in the agreement and continues to seek its destruction, as is evidenced by the Enniskillen bombing, which is further proof that the agreement is working. This agreement offers the best hope of what the author claims the IRA wants -- a peaceful end to the conflict -- while it works diligently to subvert that very end.

Soon Congress will be deciding whether to meet its 1988 commitment to the International Fund for Ireland, which was established by the Anglo-Irish agreement and is an essential part of it. Let us hope that Congress honors that commitment, thereby manifesting our government's continued support of peace through nonviolence in Northern Ireland.

PAUL S. QUINN Cochairman, Board of Directors Committee for a New Ireland Washington