The obituary for Thomas Lanphier Jr. {Nov. 29} did concisely state his role in shooting down the plane carrying Adm. Isoruku Yamamoto of Pearl Harbor infamy. But it gave no feel of the daring, and of the precision execution, of this unique mission deep into Japanese-controlled airspace in the western Solomon Islands. Nor of the imaginative boldness of the decision to try it (by Adm. Chester Nimitz). Nor of the thrill it gave to those who heard of its success at the time (the full story had to be closely held to protect our code- breaking).

For in April 1943 the South Pacific campaign, though Guadalcanal was finally safe, was limping along, grimly, while the base was slowly built for future offensives against the still-powerful Japanese forces. This mission flown by Mr. Lanphier, using the newly arrived faster and longer-legged P-38s, not only cheered up our whole day but gave us a first glimpse of a brighter future.

After 44 years, the mere sight of Thomas Lanphier's name brought all this back to mind and stirred the heart again as if it were that day. I thought people ought to know. STUART B. BARBER Arlington