I applaud Juan Williams' article "Williams' Plight: Two Sides to Coin" {Sports, Dec. 3}. Finally, a reporter has shown the compassion and courage to write an article that tells it like it is. Doug Williams got a rotten deal from the Redskins, and my heart bleeds for him. BEVERLY L. JOHNSON Silver Spring

I think Juan Williams should be kept on The Post Magazine and not be allowed to write such trash for the best Sports page around. His article was pure distorted rubbish. For whom did he write such drivel? Surely not for Redskins fans.

Doug Williams was brought to Washington as a backup quarterback. Ask him -- he'll tell you that's so. The Redskins lost both games that he started. Granted, the rest of the team didn't look so great in those games, either, but the fact is, we lost. The events precipitating Jay Schroeder's unceremonious benching also included less-than-perfect performances from his teammates, yet he took the heat.

Mr. Schroeder needs to play. Through tough times and great times, when he is healthy, the Redskins need him. The Denver Broncos left John Elway out to dry for years until he finally became consistently great. And if you check the films of his games, I'll bet he overthrows or underthrows an occasional receiver.

The Redskins team is handling this situation remarkably well. The media should stop adding fuel to the fire and let Joe Gibbs -- a sensational coach -- do his job without having to contend with members of the media who are simply trying to stir up a "quarterback controversy." KARIN BRYAN Crofton There would be little mention of a quarterback controversy were it not for the sportswriters and television sportscasters. The primary goal of the Redskins team is to win games, make the play-offs and reach the Super Bowl. Coach Joe Gibbs, with an enviable winning record, is trying to do just that. There has been too much badgering by the press. There is no racial issue here -- the fans love their Redskins.

My plea to the press is: drop the issue of "The Rule." Don't you recall other players who lost their jobs because of injury? To name a few, Mark Murphy, Jeff Bostic and Neal Olkewicz come to mind. Do not create a problem where no problem exists. It is our role to support the team and an excellent coaching staff, headed by a superb coach who is a true gentleman. SARA H. ROBINSON McLean