As president of a local chapter of the National Organization for Women, I must respond to the letter {Dec. 9} from Sophie Korczyk, which charges that our work against private-club discrimination is not a "real" women's issue.

For the past 21 years NOW has endeavored to broaden the opportunities for all women. We have never told women whether it is better to have children or not to have children, whether it is better to work outside the home or be a full-time homemaker or whether joining a private club is good or bad. The women's movement is about giving women the right to make their own choices.

In our chapter's testimony and that of several other women's groups before the city council, we pointed out that while many of us have no desire to join a private club, this discrimination affects all women. We do not want our hard-earned (64 cents on the dollar) tax dollars to be used to finance discrimination against us.

Additionally, this issue has more ramifications than allowing women to join private clubs. We are working to break down one more of the barriers that keep women second-class citizens in our society. When many private clubs barred blacks and Jews from membership, it was wrong. And it is still wrong for private clubs to deny membership to women because of their sex.

The passage of council member Jim Nathanson's legislation and the recent ruling by the D.C. Human Rights Commission are victories for all women. GILLIAN E. AMENT Takoma Park