From remarks before the House Dec. 21 by Rep. Robert Dornan (R-Calif.):

Mr. Speaker, . . . your trip to the Holy Land may be in jeopardy because of tension there. However, I think that the Israeli government will give the speaker maximum security. . . .

I hope while you are there, as the No. 3 man in line to our presidency . . . you will make a plea for the whole world to hear, to those who hold eight Americans and 13 other innocent citizens of other nations hostage just a few miles north in embattled Lebanon. These people who claim to love the same God we do, but call Him Allah, do not see anything immoral with the crime they are committing. For that reason I hope that you . . . will ask God to inspire you to find the words which will soften their hearts and at least release some of the prisoners. I would hope that these holy days will inspire these hostage takers in Lebanon to release Terry Anderson. Terry Anderson will begin his fourth year in captivity on St. Patrick's Day of next year if he is not released soon. A few months after that, the anniversary of Tom Sutherland will fall on June 9. For all the others this, too, is an incredible tragedy.

I do not understand how people who claim they are praising God continue to hold innocent people and tear apart families. They hold these innocents despite the fact that many of their parents have already died in the three years that they have been held captive.

Please, Mr. Speaker, go to the Holy Land and make that statement. The president got too emotionally involved because he is our commander in chief and chief of state, but it is perfectly appropriate for the speaker to ask for mercy for these 21 innocent victims.