There is a new law in D.C. which states that no one under 18 may be allowed inside any club, dance hall or go-go after 1 a.m. on weekends and 11:30 p.m. on week nights. Any place that does not abide by this law could find its license revoked.

The increase of violence -- including fatal stabbings and shootings -- provoked D.C. Councilman Frank Smith to propose the "curfew" bill. Most teen-agers -- and I am one of them -- find the law to be outrageous and to be an infringement of our rights. Punishment should not be placed on our heads for the actions of a few. Most people just have a good time at the clubs and then go home.

Many teen-agers believe that the law will be unenforceable, but it is enforceable. The panel chosen to monitor the places affected will not penalize the teen-agers, but the clubs instead. If they are to avoid revocation of a license, the clubs will have to remove those under 18.

Maybe after a while, everyone will see that the law will not end the violence. In fact, crime may even increase. The clubs and go-gos keep kids who otherwise would be up to no good off the streets. And fighting has nothing to do with time. The violence will still be present.

The District's teen-age violence problems are solvable. All that's needed is an increase in police work and security force, not a curfew. MICHAEL CROCKETT Washington