Can someone explain to me why it is so difficult to catch a southbound bus on Wisconsin Avenue during rush hour? It is so frustrating to have to rely on the erratic schedule! The other morning my husband and I waited 45 minutes for a bus to take us from Calvert Street to downtown Washington. Granted it was raining and cold (which made the wait even more unbearable), but does this really throw the system off? Or is it just an excuse?

When the bus finally did show up, so did eight others. When I confronted the bus driver, he said it was the traffic. How can you explain that? It is even more maddening because the normal wait (on a sunny day) is 15 to 20 minutes. How can Metro justify a bus every 15 to 20 minutes on a major road during rush hour? This is ridiculous, and it has driven me to feel like a stressed-out city commuter!

My husband says this is what a monopoly does to service. If that's the case, let's have some competition. I'm sick and tired of waiting in vain for a bus that lets me off at work 30 minutes late. JADE THOMPSON Washington BY MARIAN KRAININ