On Dec. 17, I had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the Commission of Fine Arts. Unfortunately, at the meeting a number of the commission members who should know better stated that Georgetown residents should realize that they "must accommodate the needs of the developers."

This is one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard. The "needs" of the developers don't exist. What they "want" is fed by avaricious greed and nothing else.

A survey of Georgetown would confirm that there is an abundance of houses on the market, in a wide range of prices. Numerous apartments are available, furnished and unfurnished. Condominiums are available in quantities to meet every need. A walk up and down Wisconsin Avenue or along M Street would reveal an unlimited range of retail spaces available. Classified sections of the local papers offer office space to meet many requirements.

Georgetown residents, and other Washington residents interested in maintaining the historic value of this enclave, can only agree that the reply to all requests for variances to "accommodate" developers should be a simple and unequivocal "no" -- regardless of how "justifiable" the requestsappear.

If the Georgetown historic area is to be maintained, this continual desecration of the property must be stopped. LE ROI L. ELLIOTT Washington