About the woman who received a traffic ticket for displaying Christmas lights in her car window, let me congratulate the Virginia state trooper who ticketed her. I hope The Post's article {Metro, Dec. 23}, which overplayed the Christmas angle by calling him a "Grinch" who "stole Christmas" from this "grandmother" (whatever being a grandmother might have to do with it -- other than exacting a little more reader sympathy), will not discourage other law enforcement officers from doing the same.

Several months ago I found myself behind a car that was driving down Rte. 7 with such a display in the rear window. The lights went on and off in a pattern that made them appear to be traveling around the perimeter of the rear window. Disconcerting? Distracting? Most emphatically, yes. I would urge the Maryland state police to rethink their position if it is true, as the article said, that in Maryland "she probably would not have been in violation."

The highway is not a place to display our Christmas spirit with distractions. Let's display it instead in courteous driving. There is nothing Grinchy about highway safety and nothing Scrooge-like in enforcing it. Keep up the good work, Sgt. F. D. Jones! JUNE P. CARTER Sterling