Gary Imhoff {Free for All, Dec. 12} and Bob Phillips {Dec. 26} have hit a note. They suggested that topics covered frequently in Letters to the Editor, such as grammatical errors, offensive comic strips and the quality of The Post's delivery service be designated by number, subject and infraction, so as to save time and space.

Let's go one step further and apply the same principle to human interest stories with recurring themes that appear regularly.

Story #1 could be devoted to difficulties faced by commuters. Story #2 would cover problems faced by working parents. Story #3 would be for aggrieved homeowners who are usually pictured while pointing to a source of individual or neighborhood concern. Story #4 would be reserved for the challenges faced by immigrants to our area. Story #5 would be seasonal themes, such as passing the time during August or coping with the holiday shopping rush.

After implementation of this policy, stories would be condensed as follows:

Story #1, commuters, Dale City resident rises at 5 a.m. daily to confront Shirley Highway.

Story #2, working parents, day care center's early closing due to snow causes logistical problems.

Story #3, homeowners, encroaching commercial development threatens neighborhood tranquillity.

Story #4, immigrants, language barrier causes problems for Latin Americans at work and school.

Story #5, mother and children spend August at the beach, leaving dad to fend for himself.

Gordon M. Thomas