From a letter (Dec. 18) to Costa Rican President Oscar Arias from Rep. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) and 98 other members of the House:

The Guatemala Accords -- your peace plan -- contemplates more than peace; it has twin goals: peace and freedom. Because without freedom in Nicaragua, there can be no peace for Central America, as you have so often stated. Because peace without freedom would be no peace at all for those who would continue to suffer from totalitarian oppression. If "peace" were the only goal, it would be relatively easily achieved. One need only remove all opposition to the totalitarian government. This is what you have called for by expressing yourself against all aid to the Democratic Resistance.

There are at least two things wrong with that. First, that would not be supporting your peace plan, which calls for the Sandinistas to democratize Nicaragua. Second, experience shows us that just sitting back and asking totalitarian governments to do what is right does nothing to help repressed people. . . .

President Arias, have you abandoned the twin goals of the Guatemala Accord of peace and freedom? Have you now adopted a policy of containment, prepared to concede Nicaragua to the Communists in exchange for an end to fighting by the Democratic Resistance? Are you prepared to render a final verdict on compliance with the peace plan on Jan. 16, 1988, when the five Central American leaders meet next? If it is clear that the Sandinistas have not complied, will you request that they be given additional time? Do you contemplate any final action at any point in the future, given that the international pressure (in which you put such great faith) has failed so far to cause the Sandinistas to comply?