The major and important error in the editorial "On the West Bank" {Dec. 24} is the view that if Israel made territorial concessions to the Palestinians, a settlement of the West Bank problem might result.

The charter of the Palestine Liberation Organization calls for the attack on and destruction of Israel. From time to time, Arab leaders, Palestinians, Saudi Arabians, Syrians, etc., have voiced the view that these objectives of complete elimination will remain until accomplished, but that in the interim Palestinians should take whatever West Bank territory they can get to create a Palestinian state. From such a new state, even if small, the elimination of Israel could better be accomplished. Considering that the PLO is well financed by Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, etc., and is supported by the U.S.S.R., this objective is not to be taken lightly.

Considering that Israel has two genuine claims to these territories -- an ancient right going back to the time before Christ dwelt in the land of Israel and a modern claim by capture from Jordan, which in 1948 attacked and illegally annexed Judea, Samaria, etc. (the West Bank) -- Israel would be unwise to give up any territory for peace. Peace by itself is sufficiently valuable that any people or nation that truly wants peace will make extraordinary efforts and concessions to achieve peace. Israel proved its commitment to peace when it signed the Camp David accords, receiving only a piece of paper in exchange for much land, airfields and oil wells.

If the Palestinians or any nation at war with Israel wants peace, the offer has long been out to name the time and place and Israel will appear to discuss terms. However, as long as it appears that the real objective is to destroy Israel in stages, it would be foolish for Israel to give up territory important for its security in exchange for a piece of paper that will be ignored and then followed by another demand for territory. Each loss of territory makes Israel, a small state, more vulnerable to the demands or attacks that follow.

LEO SAMET Cochairman, Washington Chapter Americans For a Safe Israel Washington