I would like to commend The Post for publishing Edy Kaufman's Dec. 29 op-ed article on Palestinian-American Mubarak Awad and his struggle to renew the government permit which allows him to live in his native Jerusalem.

While I was teaching on the West Bank at the Friends Boys School in Ramallah last year, I came to know and admire Mr. Awad and his commitment to the nonviolent principles shared by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi.

Mubarak Awad is a large, powerful man, and he speaks very passionately about the plight of the Palestinian people. I vividly remember having lunch with him one afternoon and listening to him explain that nonviolent resistance does not mean passive resistance. He believes that residents of the West Bank and Gaza can and must take an active role in nonviolently resisting the Israeli occupation of their towns and villages.

The occupation cannot continue forever, and it will be better for everyone involved if people of strength, integrity and courage are involved with the peace process -- people like Mubarak Awad.

Mubarak Awad is a man of peace and vision, and his voice desperately needs to be heard. In recent weeks, he has spoken loudly against the violence in the West Bank, Israel and the Gaza Strip.

I trust that he will be allowed to stay in Jerusalem and spread his message of nonviolent resistance.

STEPHEN D. BALL Hyattsville