On Jan. 23, as I sat in the warming glow of my economical electric quartz heater in my cozy corner of 72

(with my central gas heating set at 62 ), I looked at the front page of The Post, which announced the plan of the Washington Gas Light Co. to raise its residential rates even more.

Since most of my friends and neighbors, like myself, are cutting back on their gas usage as much as possible, I do not doubt that we shall find ways to cut back even more, using alternative energy sources, rather than allow Washington Gas Light to take a still greater part of our household budgets.

Doesn't WGL see that in the long run residential consumers will use less and less gas? How sad that with all the good sunshine beating down on so many roofs, even on cold winter days, we are not able to make modest monthly payments on solar heating devices, making us less the victims of the manner in which gas distribution is managed.

With a combination of solar, electrical and gas systems, perhaps we could have fairer heating bills. In any case, if this rate rise goes through, I plan to keep my corner cozy by raising the setting of my electric heater and lowering the setting of the system fueled by WGL.