Moral decay has now touched that favorite Washington symbol, the Redskins.

By associating themselves with Oliver North, they are at least showing bad taste and at most associating with a suspected criminal. They, and the headline writer who produced "Redskins Get Super Sendoff From North" {Jan. 24}, should be ashamed of themselves. -- Granville Austin

I imagine that the Secret Computer Memo read like this:

"TO: Chief Redskin

"FROM: Oliver North

"SUBJECT: Preparation for Holy War in San Diego

"I need not make all of the connections for you: Field General Elway spending four years training at a well-known leftist institution, Stanford; the Three Amigos, with connections to south-of-the-border radicals; Bronco Fever, which meets the standards of a religion, and therefore is antagonistic toward Our Christian Nation; orange jerseys only hiding red hearts . . . and the list goes on. Please permit me to brief our patriotic troops about the true nature of the Bronco-nistas, and to exhort the troops on to victory in the Holy War in San Diego."

Looks like the charismatic Ollie charmed the Redskins. In doing so, he may have gravitated to the proper level: involved in a sporting event, where the home team clearly is ''good'' and the opponent ''evil,'' rather than fiddling with the American democracy. I hope that the Redskins, although serious, do not take themselves so seriously. -- Michael Moore

As a longtime, die-hard Redskins fan, I was shocked and dismayed when I read that the team not only received but actually serenaded a man such as Oliver North -- he holds many of our constitutional rights in utter disdain, such as "freedom of information" -- with chants of appreciation as they prepared to leave for San Diego.

It wasn't until later in the day when I read Christine Brennan's well-written and insightful essay, "My Three Years Covering the Redskins" {magazine, Jan. 24} that my outrage mellowed into a begrudged understanding concerning the North appearance. For as difficult as it is to accept, one has to face it: the Redskins corporation and its "employees" are probably no better or no worse than any other large business venture in this country today in the fact that they see in North characteristics they also cherish.

-- A. V. Krebs