I read with considerable interest the Jan. 1 editorial opposing radar detectors. The editorial supported Geico Corp. policy of not writing automobile insurance for people who have radar detectors in their cars. I find it interesting that The Post picked on radar detectors and not citizens' band radios. A large number of radar detectors are manufactured in the United States. I know of no CBs manufactured in the United States. Any restrictions by an insurance carrier or by a legislative body on the use of radar detectors would cause more purchases of CBs.

Before I had a radar detector, I had a CB in my vehicle. Its primary purpose was to alert me to the presence of police.

Many of us who own radar detectors do not use them in order to speed and not get caught by the police. Many of us use them to check our speed. Radar detectors provide an element of comfort to those of us who abide by speed laws and do not want to be falsely accused by police using an unreliable radar device that might pick out the speed of the largest vehicle around, and not necessarily the one we are operating.