The next time Michael Wilbon decides to include me in a piece of his {Sports, Jan. 17} I would appreciate it if he would contact me to try to verify his assumptions.

He has assumed that I ''root'' for Georgetown basketball and Doug Williams only because they are black. He is wrong. I became a fan of John Thompson when I saw him throw his arms around a young man who had just thrown away his chance for a national championship -- throw his arms around that young man as if to try to protect him from all the barbs, self-doubt and hurt that surely came his way. In that tender moment John Thompson illustrated to me what a good coach is all about. And since that time, his protection, concern and love for his athletes continue to impress me.

My husband and I have been fans of Doug Williams since his days at Grambling. He is a superior athlete. I admire his talent and his ability to remain strong and positive in the face of the tremendous adversities that have come his way, both personally and emotionally.

I am black. Certainly my heart is lifted at every black accomplishment. But I am not one-dimensional. My allegiances are not shallow or blind.

I am not a Celtics fan, but wouldn't I be, according to Mr. Wilbon's analysis, since they have a black coach and tremendous black talent? I am not a Cowboys' fan, and aren't they loaded with black talent?

Did Mr. Wilbon hear my on-air comments after Dexter Manley referred to Mike Ditka as a ''broad''? I found that offensive, and said so.

What is really sad is that the Jimmy the Greek Snyder flap has endless dimensions that could have been explored . . . had Mr. Wilbon been thoughtful enough to think them through. It was unnecessary to throw a cheap shot to fill his column. Perhaps he felt the only way to prove his own lack of bias was to attack other black reporters. Go back and study the history of your own people, Mr. Wilbon, and you will see one of our great sorrows has been the brainwashing that has led too many of us to believe we can only reach the top over the bodies of our own people. SUSAN KIDD News Anchor, WRC-TV Washington