Last Sunday, we Washingtonians witnessed a fantastic show of professionalism, power, strength and athletic talent as we watched our Washington Redskins sweep the Super Bowl victory from the Denver Broncos.

But beyond the physical aspects of Sunday's performance, there was a stronger and more moving presence, that of spirit. It was a spirit that banded our city, our people, together in a feeling of brotherhood. This was a brotherhood that knew no political party, no color of skin, no class distinction in a city so many times divided by political, racial and economic confrontations.

In a world where it is contra this or blow up that, I think we all owe our Redskins rousing thanks for bringing a momentary escape and, yes, a little magic into our lives -- which, just maybe, we all take just a bit too seriously.

Hail to the Redskins! MARK P. WORTHINGTON Washington

It is indeed laudable that Jack Kent Cooke chartered a 747 to transport his friends and colleagues to San Diego for the Super Bowl. Would it ever have occurred to him to do the same for a group of Washington youngsters, kids who may never see a Redskins game? Perhaps next year? M. S. GARRETT McLean

Outrageous! How can anyone defend the fact that government employees were permitted to take two hours off from work to go to the Redskins parade? Isn't it enough that government workers get every holiday ever invented off?

The average person gives 25 cents of every dollar for taxes; that is like working for the first three months of the year for nothing. What do we see for it? Holes in the streets, terrible traffic, starving and homeless Americans, and not even a balanced budget. To add insult to injury, we are paying civil servants to go out into the streets for a victory parade! I say, let them do it on their own time.

It is a real shame that this country, and particularly the nation's capital, has come to this. I am not opposed to sports; I think it is a good and healthy thing to participate in them. But where do we draw the line? Isn't it galling enough that the team players earn more money than most people will see in a lifetime just for running around a field?

It is no wonder the world is in such a mess. Let's get things into perspective!