There may be as many possible perspectives on the ''East Leg freeway, Barney Circle'' project as there are extant, if frequently useless, bridges across the Anacostia River -- seven by my count.

My view is that of a frustrated commuter. I have a simple proposal that neither despoils Christopher Herman's and Janet Wintermute's Anacostia parkland {Close to Home, Dec. 20} nor invades Patricia Schauer's Capitol Hill neighborhood {Close to Home, Jan. 10}. It eliminates the need for an eighth bridge in a six-mile stretch of river and lets the East Leg freeway stand or fall on its merits. No offhand thought, it is solidly based on 20 years of research and observation, two hours daily, five days most weeks.

Actually, the idea came to me the first week (in February 1968) that I searched for the Pentagon, known to be in Virginia, from my Crofton, Md., base camp. But, like Darwin, I wanted to be sure before I published.

The Problem. A splendid riverine highway in colonial times, the Anacostia has become an unappetizing obstacle in the era of the motor vehicle and toxic runoff.

First Solution. Approached from the east, the Bladensburg, New York Avenue, Benning Road and East Capitol bridges lead to fine scenic -- and torturous commuting -- routes through town.

Second Solution. My mint-new AAA map showed three bridges linking the Anacostia and SW freeways. Or did they?

First Frustration. The Pennsylvania Avenue bridge was not connected to the west-bound Anacostia Freeway lanes.

Second Frustration. Neither was the 11th Street bridge. Both conditions persist today.

Third Frustration. Ditto the South Capitol bridge, although it at least could be reached by exiting right through what was then a residential neighborhood.

Twenty-year Solution. Exit at Suitland Parkway, rejoin the Anacostia Freeway and double back to 11th Street -- a 1.3 mile detour.

The obvious remedy for the next 20 years is to build one or more of those missing connections. That ought to be cheaper than a whole new bridge, leaving more money for those traffic, park and river improvements Patricia Schauer has helped extract from the D.C. government.

It's too late for me, though. I'm retired now and have time for the scenic routes.

-- Bruce G. Johnson