I thought Washingtonians should hear from this Broncos fan who found himself seated with his 9-year-old boy in Section 57 of Jack Murphy Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday among the noisiest, most ardent Redskins fans at the game. As I sat with my son Max, I watched the heroes of his life melt like so many snowflakes in the San Diego sun.

My hat is off to your football team. We didn't lose the game; the Redskins won it, and they deserved to win it. And the next people who deserved to win it were the Redskins fans. Your fans were terrific. Though we were standing and cheering at different times during the game (I sat for the last three quarters), we felt completely free to be ourselves -- to be Broncos fans.

Redskins fans treated us with dignity and respect (and compassion at the end). They weren't rude. They saw the game for what it was: fun. And they held back any humiliating sarcasm in the waning moments of the game. In short, Redskins fans were as professional as their football team. I've spoken with several other Broncos fans who attended the game, and they would all endorse these opinions. I'd like to believe Broncos fans are as sportsmanlike as Redskins fans, but I'm not sure.

So have yourselves a great party over there in D.C. If we were there, we'd join you. If one has to lose, there is solace in being skinned by such "noble" savages.


Lakewood, Colo.