One reason people do not car pool is the difficulty of establishing a communication link with others who have similar travel requirements. The Post and other area papers could provide the information necessary for readers to communicate with one another in the formation of car pools. Newspapers could also encourage the public to consider the advantages of car-pooling. A 20 percent to 30 percent reduction in traffic would be of great economic benefit. What follows is a car pool proposal that may be worth a try. Some of it is already accepted procedure for establishing car pools. The new ingredient is the role The Post would play.

Step 1: Publish a map of the metropolitan area broken into numbered squares once a week. The Post would determine the best size and coverage for the map and the number of squares. If there were too many or too few squares, the effectiveness of the system would be impaired.

Step 2: Include with the map the following general directions to readers: departure square number, destination square number, departure time a.m. (within 15 minutes), return time p.m. and telephone number. The printout listing car pools would look like this: Square No. 54 to Square No. 35 -- 8:15 a.m.; 4:30 p.m. (123-4567). This information could be published in the same manner as the want ads.

It would be necessary to charge a small fee to make the service profitable for the paper. Should it prove profitable, the system would be likely to continue. The printouts would be grouped so that readers could easily find the information of interest to them.

Such a system -- well done -- would be of benefit to all parties and would help to reduce traffic congestion.