Ellen Goodman's " 'Reagan Regs' on Abortion" {op-ed, Feb. 16} opposed the new family planning regulations under Title X, which, in her words, are "a full-fledged attack on the right to speak freely." Even though I was director of the Office of Family Planning in 1985-86 and am still an ardent supporter of President Reagan's goal to remove abortion-related activities from the Title X program, I was as sorry as Ellen Goodman was to see the provision restricting the right of clinic personnel to discuss abortion services with patients. I agree with her that more courts will probably rule against this part of the regulations, though I pray for the day when all physicians will voluntarily decide that the unborn child is a person/patient too.

I believe, however, that Ellen Goodman gave a biased description of the new regulations in neglecting to mention the many positive things that they would do. These regulations would for the first time permit Health and Human Services officials to stop almost all of the Title X funds that go to abortion providers. Under the old regulations, confusing overlaps were sometimes permitted between an organization's abortion chambers and its federally funded family planning services. The ability to separate these two contradictory functions would be strengthened.

Also, I find it somewhat hypocritical for Ellen Goodman at this late date to speak up for freedom of speech in Title X. Under the previous Title X procedures, inherited by President Reagan, Title X personnel who had a professional and conscientious objection to abortion were required to tell a pregnant woman where she could get even nontherapeutic abortions.

Let's give clinicians who oppose abortion the same rights to freedom of speech as those who endorse abortion. Just as important, let's stop sending our tax dollars to abortion providers. GARY CRUM Springfield