I could not agree more with The Post's recent editorial panning Jack Kent Cooke's plans to have Washington taxpayers finance a new domed stadium.

The new stadium with its expanded seating would accomplish one important goal: it would help Mr. Cooke increase his wealth. Under these circumstances, I find it appalling that Mr. Cooke is demanding that the city finance the new stadium, especially when he probably has enough money and potential backers to finance it himself.

While I was quite happy to see the Redskins win the Super Bowl, I think the city has better things to do with its money than help Mr. Cooke make more of it -- house the homeless, revamp the ambulance service and cut down on drug trafficking, to cite a few examples. And why should people who don't use the stadium -- the vast majority of the city's population who aren't lucky enough to get tickets -- be forced to pay for a new one?

If Mr. Cooke wants to suggest that fans finance the new stadium through higher ticket prices, that's his prerogative as team owner. But if he is threatening to move the Redskins out of the city if public funds are not used to build a new stadium, I say: have a nice trip.