From an article by Yehoshafat Harkabi, a former head of Israeli military intelligence, in The Jerusalem Post International Edition (Feb. 13):

Reality will force Israel to retreat from her political stance, to withdraw from the territories and to negotiate with the PLO. She will undergo a tremendous crisis when she realizes her political stupidity. The blow will be as severe as the hopes were high.

It's a dangerous situation, since the nature of men is to refuse to recognize their errors, particularly if they prove them to be fools. Thus they are liable to refuse to learn the lesson, and in fact increase their devotion to the old, mistaken, policy.

This will be particularly difficult in the party in which annexation was made sacred by ideology. For this party, the need to withdraw will constitute ideological bankruptcy and in the end a judgment passed on its entire path in Zionism. One should not be surprised if this group prefers to maintain its traditional stance, even if it endangers the existence of Israel.

In fact, the nation treated them with a peculiar favor despite the failure of their governments in the Lebanon War and in economics, but its kindness may turn to hostility, in an effort to exonerate itself from blame. We are proud of our democratic government, but it will face a difficult test when the time comes for such a wide-ranging shake-up that a party may disappear.

. . . In the past, Zionism accomplished so much with so little, and developed a sophisticated diplomacy. But we have undergone a process of stupidification. We must divest ourselves of the ideology and the ethos which were at the base of this process . . . {and} develop an attitude of mature, healthy self-criticism, which will protect us from illusion and adventurism.