William Claiborne, in "South Africa Raids SWAPO Bases" {Feb. 21}, reported that African National Congress guerrillas infiltrate "into South Africa through the borders with Botswana and Zimbabwe." It is shocking that The Post's correspondent can make such a preposterous claim, whose effect is to justify South Africa's destabilization of the front-line states.

By reporting as facts allegations made by Pretoria, Mr. Claiborne appears to be allying himself with apartheid and acting as a propagandist of the South African military chiefs.

As the article covered the threats made against Zimbabwe and other front-line states by three apartheid leaders (Foreign Minister Roelof {Pik} Botha, Defense Minister Magnus Malan and Lt. Gen. Jannie Geldenhuys), one would expect The Post, at least, to mention Zimbabwe's response.

The minister of foreign affairs, Nathan Shamuyarira, reacting to South Africa's threats on Feb. 15, alerted the world that the apartheid regime, which in the past has consistently made such claims and threats prior to raids into the front-line states, may be preparing to attack Zimbabwe.

It is a well-known fact that Zimbabwe is not in a position to offer training bases or transit facilities to the freedom fighters of South Africa. E. R. M. GARWE Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe Washington