I wish to protest vehemently the implication that I, while Amvets' national service director, acquiesced to any demands for goods by the head of the Veterans Administration's compensation and pension program, Gerald Moore {"VA Executive Solicited Gifts for Agency," Feb. 18}.

Under no circumstances did Mr. Moore demand equipment from Amvets in return for favorable adjudication treatment for the Amvets service program. During my tenure as director, Mr. Moore never once approached me concerning parties, receptions or the like, for the compensation and pension staff. Nor were there any threats, demands or suggestions that if he did not receive favorable treatment the Amvets service program would suffer.

Quite the contrary, Mr. Moore and his staff have always been professional with me and sacrificed long hours in an attempt to raise the deplorable level of the Amvets service program as I found it when I assumed the position as service director. For this, I am grateful to Mr. Moore. He has my highest regard.

In The Post's delight with veteran and VA bashing, Bill McAllister did not contact me to learn the truth of my request (nor did anyone from The Post). Indeed, Mr. Moore was quite distressed to learn that I had proposed the gift of equipment, as he had no prior knowledge of my memo. Second, there was no "urging" of support. The memo was prepared with the knowledge and consent of the organization's leadership to place it on the agenda of the National Service Foundation board of director's meeting.

I cannot speak for the other veterans' organizations and their dealings with officials of the compensation and pension program, but I can unequivocally state that Mr. Moore in no way made demands on the Amvets service program while I was its director. To infer otherwise is sheer rubbish.