I enjoy the Olympics with a zeal that drives my friends and loved ones to the brink. There are the elegant, deft and simultaneously tough and brawny East Germans, the go-for-broke Americans, the stupendous Soviets and the hundreds of other brilliant teams and individuals who make for this tremendously exciting sports spectacular.

In such a festive, world-class championship, it annoys me when people stridently and blindly take sides. The day after Bonnie Blair blew the world's best out of the water, Thomas Boswell informed Post readers that Blair was a "wren" stuck between two East German "hawks." He then alluded to how her very capable competitors "towered over her" in size.

Has his ideology caused his senses to fail? The East German, suddenly dethroned from her gold-medal position, went up to the American and said, "Bonnie, it wasn't a race, it was a dream!" Not exactly the language of a "hawk" to me. Further, Christa Rothenburger happens to be almost exactly the same size as Blair. But I suppose one could miss that fact if one were preoccupied with trampling on communist machine athletes. Leave character assassination to the political pundits. These two women are good friends, and regardless of what Boswell would have us believe, both women "tower over" all the competition combined.

The whole point of the Olympics is to enjoy the glory of the finest athletes, not the finest Americans. Perhaps we'd be able to enjoy more of the competition if we didn't buy into the anti-commie claptrap. These Eastern-bloc athletes are as great as our American ones, regardless of the fact that their countries pay for their training. If nothing else, the "up close and personals" should have shown that. These people are good-hearted and often very good friends with the Blairs, Flaims and Jansens we hold in deservedly high esteem. Let the games rise above all of the distrust and misdirected hostilities! -- Matthew John Cibellis