William Raspberry's column {"No Blank Check for Israel," op-ed, Feb. 13} repeats his propensity to contort the facts whenever he wants to liken Israel's refusal to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization, on the one hand, to South Africa and the African National Congress, on the other.

Mr. Raspberry conveniently forgets a number of things. First, the PLO was organized in 1964 while Jordan and Egypt controlled the West Bank and Gaza. Second, Jordan, with a population 60 percent Palestinian, drove the PLO out in 1970, killing thousands of Palestinians in the process (remember Black September?). Third, even recently both Egypt and Jordan have suppressed PLO-instigated demonstrations within their borders, maintaining the demonstrations endangered the governments.

Mr. Raspberry's advocacy of the PLO (see also his May 9, 1987, column propagating the myth that "Terrorism Isn't the Real Issue") conveniently overlooks the PLO's penchant for assassinating Olympic athletes in Munich and slaughtering high school students in Israel. Does the ANC engage in such activities?

Why does Mr. Raspberry compare the ANC objective (to obtain freedom and equal rights) to the PLO's oft-declared objective (to destroy Israel and to drive the Israelis into the sea)?

Why does he overlook the fact that the ANC is struggling for what the Arabs in Israel already have: citizenship with the right to vote? Is he not showing contempt for the freedom-loving ANC by comparing that organization to the terrorist PLO?

Columnists, of course, must have considerable latitude in expressing their opinions. But it would be wise to remember what Bernard Baruch once said: "Every man has a right to his opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts." JEROME D. ROSENBERG Washington