The front page of the Feb. 27 Post is a perfect example of the utter nonsense of this country's policy on the so-called war on drugs.

On that page is an article on the cocaine invasion of the D.C. suburbs and, right next to it, two articles on Panama's involvement in drug trafficking. The Post should be screaming about the link between these articles. Not doing so makes it seem as if Gen. Manuel Noriega is the one who is at the bottom of the drug problem, whereas in fact it is the user who is at the bottom of this criminal chain of events.

Either we should legalize drug use or we should make it a major crime, punishable by very stiff jail sentences.

As long as there is one user, be it a poor ghetto kid or a nice upper-middle-class salesman such as the one in The Post's article, there will be one grower, one smuggler, one pusher, one Manuel Noriega and one killing on the streets of D.C. And if you multiply that by about 20 million users, it makes quite a big pile of trouble.