I have been a loyal and dedicated Redskins fan for more than 45 years. I remember sitting in the bleachers in Griffith Stadium paying $1.10 per game for a seat without a back and exposed to all the elements.

Since 1971, I have been a season-ticket holder with seats in the eastern end zone. These seats are similar to those in Griffith Stadium -- no backs, exposed to all the elements and extremely small. I pay $20 per seat per game now. I would complain, but who would listen, because there are 15,000 fans on the season-ticket waiting list?

This is why the fans need a new stadium. Jack Kent Cooke has asked the District to build a new 75,000-seat stadium with all kinds of luxury features. Mr. Cooke must realize that the D.C. government is unlikely to come up with one. So what are the alternatives? One is to move to another city. Other teams in the National Football League have moved because of inferior and unsatisfactory stadiums -- the Baltimore Colts, St. Louis Cardinals, Oakland Raiders (twice).

My solution would be to move the Redskins to Baltimore, where Maryland (without approval of a majority of voters) decided to build a new stadium as soon as it can get a team. I am sure the state will build a stadium that will satisfy the desires of Mr. Cooke, including a domed roof. Such a covered stadium will cost the Maryland taxpayers at least $125 million, but who cares? At least, the Redskins would be near home.