On a scale of one to 10 "Marla Meets the Muckrakers" {Style, April 30} rates a strong 10 for entertainment and wittiness. For insights into what the media think is truly important and newsworthy (in this case, getting close to money's honey), I am sorry to say, The Post gets another 10.

But when it comes to informing the public about a significant history-making event -- the naming of the first black (Bob Ellison) to be president of the White House press corps -- The Post gets a disgracefully low grade. I think you know what it is. A main reason for having this event is for the White House press corps to say goodbye to its outgoing president and to welcome its incoming president. Ellison even gave a speech. Your article, however, didn't even mention him.

In the 106 years of its existence, this is the first time the White House press corps, one of the most prestigious, journalistic organizations in the world, has installed a black man as its leader. That needs to be told. I would like to think that this omission was unintentional. Sadly, whether it was or not, such a slight to black Americans is indicative of the media's subtle yet insidiously damaging way of routinely overlooking and underplaying the positive achievements and contributions of blacks.

Not long ago The Post made a promise to the black community to be sensitive to black issues such as this. In Bob Ellison we have an opportunity to celebrate a black male who has not just escaped the lure of crime and drugs and jail but who has excelled to the top of his profession against all odds. We all, blacks and whites, need to know about the Bob Ellisons of the world.

Come on, Post, do the right thing! -- Patricia M. Woods